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Tammy Fisher at Duke University Doll Symposium

Tammy Fisher, owner of Curiositeej, LLC.

Tammy WilkersonHill-Fisher (Fisher), international doll diversity advocate/expert and public speaker will close out the Black Doll Archival portion of the Inaugural Black Doll Symposium, hosted by the Department of African and African American Studies at Duke University. Fisher, owner of Curiositeej, LLC, will talk about the history and future of Black doll archiving.

“I am honored to speak at this event,” Fisher said. “When I entered the doll arena, I sold dolls to help cover my child’s medical costs. I couldn’t have imagined, a decade later I would be speaking as an expert in a symposium with some of the most influential Black doll advocates and experts in the world.”

To learn more about Fisher and her goals of increasing diversity in doll and doll-adjacent spaces, visit her website:

The symposium was a two-day, virtual, conference celebrating Black dolls through the eyes of doll artists, scholars, and collectors. It was held March 15 and 16, 2024, and delivered live via Zoom.

Increasing Doll Diversity & Inclusion Worldwide

Introduction: I am so excited you decided to stop by and share some time with me!

My name is Tammy Fisher. I have been a professional in the doll arena for about a decade. In this time, I have held several titles including doll store owner; podcast founder, producer, and host; artist; and, writer/editor. I created this website as an information management tool to showcase my eclectic set of skills and my networks.

Goal: My goal is to interact with sponsors and others who would like to support and/or collaborate with me and my international network of childcare experts and doll professionals to create services, tools, and products that help increase diversity, equity, inclusion, and empathy worldwide in creative and doll-adjacent spaces.

Tammy Fisher, owner of Curiositeej, LLC.

Smarty Pants Academy Collaboration

I am excited to announce the collaboration with Smarty Pants Academy, a daycare/preschool provider that supports families and children in at-risk communities in the metropolitan area of Denver, Colorado.

Our goal is to create a multi-level educational environment. It will begin with an online educational portal that provides learning materials for preschool- and Kindergarten-aged children. The materials will meet the current expectations for Colorado preschool and Kindergarten programs. As we continue to grow the program, our goals include adding books and toys as well as adding materials for older children.

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